The Many Advantages To CNC Machining In MN

Most people don’t stop to consider all the little parts that go into making virtually anything that we use today. These little parts all have to be perfectly designed and perfectly created to ensure that they function correctly and allow the entire system to function. Think of all the small parts in your car, in the electronics that you use, medical equipment and all those assembly lines that produce the things we use on a daily bases. These are all produced by companies that provide CNC machining in MN or throughout the United States.

Most companies providing CNC machining in MN are smaller, family owned or independently owned businesses that take great pride in their level of customer service and support. They can assist in all areas of the manufacturing of the parts that you need from the actual design through to the CAD drawing and the final CNC machining.

The Evolution of CNC Machining in MN

CNC, which actually stands for Computer Numerical Control, has been around since the later part of the 1960s. Prior to that there were NC or numeric controlled machines that used a punch card system with G-codes to reproduce the same design on the lathe or machine.

While G-codes are still used, the computerized control of the machine was first seen in 1976 and by the late part of the 1980s they were considered the industry standard for consistent, accurate, precision reproduction of parts.

In essence with CNC machining in MN operator error, the human factor, is simply removed from the process. Once the CAD drawing is sent to the CNC machine it is produced with perfect accuracy time and time again.

Options for CNC Machining in MN

While many people think of lathes when they hear the term CNC machining in MN, other metalworking equipment can also be fully computerized. This includes drills, milling machines, punches, grinders and even the very accurate laser and plasma cutters.

The step up to CNC machining in MN and around the world has greatly enhanced the ability to produce accurate parts for literally any job. With options to design just the part you need these machining systems provide precision and accuracy unheard of just a few decades ago.

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