The Man’s Man Guide to Trimming Trees in the Tropical Paradise of Maui

Maui is one of Hawaii’s major islands. Here, you will find all kinds of palm trees, fronds, and some other types of trees. While you may be able to trim your typical leaf trees on your own, tropical tree trimming in Maui is something best left to the professionals. Here’s the “man’s man” or “He-Man” guide to tropical tree trimming in Maui.

Shorter Palm Trees Need Extra Fronds Cut Off

Just like any leafing tree, you want to cut off new twigs and limbs trying to sprout from the lower part of the trunk. This happens more often with younger palm and tropical trees, but it is not unheard of to have a frond sprout from the lower half of an older tree. Cut these back to avoid providing shelter and food for rats and other pests.

Remove the Dead Fronds

Removing dead fronds encourages the tropical tree/palm to remain healthy. With nothing dead to cling to, animal and insect pests avoid living in your palm/tropical trees. The professional tree trimmers have the ladders and bucket trucks needed to reach your tallest tropical trees and take care of these issues.

Wrap the Bark If You See Damage

Because of how palms and tropical trees grow their bark, they can be damaged in storms by flying debris, or by vehicles. The professionals do not trim back the damaged bark, but rather wrap it with a special landscaping material. Click here, to take care of all your tropical trees today.