The Importance of Swimming Pool Leak Repair to Conserve Water and Pool Cleaning Chemicals

When a property owner suspects that the swimming pool is leaking, the first inclination may be to ignore the problem if it doesn’t seem all that bad. The second inclination may be to start worrying and lose sleep over what might be wrong and how much it will cost to fix. It’s best to have a pool service technician come to the property and find the leak before the situation escalates. Even if the leak does not get worse, a pool losing water must continually add more water than would be the case due to evaporation and splash-out. That costs money. More Pool Cleaning Chemicals also must be added, and it can be difficult to keep those substances in proper balance. In fact, if the property owner has a regularly scheduled pool service to clean debris from the equipment and to check and balance chemicals, changes in chemical balance may alert the technicians to a leak.

Fortunately, most leaks are not expensive to repair. The cost of repair service may not be much more than spending money on extra water and Pool Cleaning Chemicals throughout the season. Depending on the extent of the leak, a property owner might spend an extra $20 or more on the monthly water bill and a similar amount in products to keep the water disinfected and in proper pH balance.

In addition, chemical imbalances due to that leak can have unwanted effects. The pool may become prone to developing algae growth, for example. The water may take on a cloudy look. Improper pH balance can cause corrosion on the surface and in the equipment. It reduces the effectiveness of chlorine. There’s also the question of where exactly those substances are winding up, such as underneath the pool. They may gradually seep to the groundwater level and act as contaminants.

In the long run, it’s best to have a company such as Volunteer Pools & Spas investigate the problem and fix the leak. This type of organization provides routine cleaning service and chemical balancing, and sells products to pool owners who want to do their own maintenance. You can also like them on Facebook.

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