The Importance of Representation after an Auto Accident

If you end up in a car accident through no fault of your own, it is very important to consult an auto accident attorney in Cedar Rapids IA area right away. The attorney will be the best one to look over the circumstances surrounding the incident and guide you through the legal system. Some people believe that they are capable of dealing with the insurance company on their own, but what they do not understand is that this is what the company pays the people who work for them to do. Get you to take a quick low settlement and go away.

The Main Reason to Hire an Attorney

The other party, the one at fault, almost always has an insurance company or their employer and lawyers working for them and are represented from the get go. You, on the other hand, are out there on your own and the people (insurance company) who come around all nice talking to you about the accident with tea and sympathy are not there for any other reason but to help themselves. Hire a lawyer and let them do your talking for you.

Contact an Attorney BEFORE You Talk to Anybody or Give any Statements

Many people do not like confrontation and in trying to avoid it, they talk to the insurance company under the impression that everything will be smooth sailing and they will be objective. More times than not, people who do that find out the hard way that they lack the knowledge base needed to go up against the insurance company’s attorney and they get burned. Same with giving a written or recorded statement, those attorneys can get you to answer questions in a manner that can look to mitigate their client’s culpability. If you are represented by the attorneys at Currie and Liabo Law Firm they can prevent any of these mistakes from happening to you. Do not be afraid to contact then for a free assessment of your case.

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