The Importance of Regular Maintenance of Air Conditioning in Phoenix AZ

Most of the houses that were built after the 60’s have an installed HVAC system. When the system is in the right working order, it will ensure that the house has optimum temperatures, and fresh, clean air at all times. However, if the system is faulty, you will have to deal with stuffy rooms and a house that is either too hot or too cold from time to time. Contact Arizona Refrigeration Service Inc to avoid these inconveniences, you need regular maintenance of Air Conditioning Phoenix AZ sytems.

Lower energy bills

Did you know that getting the HVAC system serviced lowers the monthly energy bill by up to 20 percent? Well, when the HVAC system is not working at optimum efficiency, it has to run for longer hours to attain optimum conditions. The fact that it is running for longer hours means that it is using up more electricity. Regular servicing will help you find out if there are parts that have fallen apart, and this will be very useful in lowering the amount that you pay in electric bills.

It saves you money in the long run

HVAC systems are very sensitive. If you ignore one part that is having a problem, it may end up ruining the whole unit. This will force you to buy and install a new unit. If you compare the cost of maintenance and that of buying a new unit, you will realize that it is easier to do maintenance than to wait for the worst to happen.

A more comfortable home

As mentioned before, faulty HVAC systems cause a lot of discomfort in the home. For instance, if the AC unit is not working, there won’t be fresh air in the home. The house will be stuffy at all times. Similarly, if the heating and cooling component fails, you can expect abnormal temperature fluctuations in the home, cold water in the bathrooms and many other related inconveniences. Regular maintenance helps notice these problems before they get out of hand.

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