The Importance of Quality for Pharmaceutical Labeling

Pharmaceutical labeling is a portion of the industry where the label’s function is a high priority. The label is responsible for identifying as well as explaining what a particular item is and what it will do. Regulations have to be followed, since a simply slip-up in text regarding dosing instructions, ingredients or expiration dates may result in serious consequences. The end users of the products have to have confidence that the medicines they receive are labeled properly and trust that the integrity of their package as not been compromised in any way.

Those that are responsible for manufacturing the pharmaceutical labels have to be aware of the latest regulations and have specific capabilities, especially in the areas of quality control and inspection. One way to achieve this is by implementing pharma inspection equipment.

Pharmaceutical labeling is often considered as a specialized area, as there are some print converters that only print the pharmaceutical labels. No matter how a label printer is positioned in the market, pharmaceutical labeling demands quality driven and versatile capabilities.

Pharmaceutical label printing is considered a complicated mix of on-press converting, business process compliance, specific application demand and functional performance challenges and requirements. Additionally, modern legislation requires that multilingual demands and the brand security are taken into consideration when a label is printed or designed.

The Extension of Content and Capability

When you consider pharmaceutical labels, it is important to consider function over form. End users are much less concerned with noticeable graphics that “pop” and much more concerned with clear display of information and facts, as well as adhering with the regulations.

In fact, the most effective labeling designs will typically have basic and clean artwork. Additionally, the artwork is typically positioned in a manner to allow as much room as possible for the information that is required to be placed on all types of pharmaceutical labels. As you can now see on these labels, you not only have to list the ingredients, but also information regarding warning statements and drug facts.

With this information in mind, you can see the importance of having an accurate, clear and well-designed label for any pharma products. The inspection equipment that is now available can help to ensure that all of this is properly printed and understandable so there are no dire consequences due to a simple mistake or mis-print.

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