The Importance of Proper Installation for Air Conditioning Units in Centreville VA

Air conditioning can keep you comfortable in your home all summer. However, if it isn’t installed correctly, it can cause major damage to your home, resulting in expensive repair costs. An improperly installed unit can also cost you more in monthly energy usage whether it is too big or too small for your house. If you are in the market for a new air conditioning unit, be sure to choose a contractor with good references and credentials so you can be confident your equipment will be properly installed in your home.

Choosing the right sized Air Conditioning units in Centreville, VA is very important and requires a skilled contractor. There is more to choosing a proper size than measuring the square footage of your home. An experienced contractor will check your insulation and your current duct work before recommending a size for your new equipment. Many homeowners find that the reason their old equipment broke down is because it was too big or too small for their home.

When Air conditioning units in Centreville VA are too small for the home, they have to work a lot harder to keep the house at the desired temperature. Though new air conditioners run cooler than older models, your equipment may still get hot if it has to run constantly to keep your house cool during a hot Virginia day. Equipment that is too large is also problematic because it gets the home cool so quickly that it cycles on and off more frequently than it should. This puts unnecessary wear and tear on the moving parts and can result in premature aging of your equipment.

The contractors at Woody’s Sudden Service and other experienced equipment installation contractors know how to select the perfect equipment for your home and install it according to manufacturer’s recommendations. In addition to installing your new air conditioner in your home, a contractor can also maintain your equipment to ensure it runs properly for years to come. By following the recommended maintenance schedule and changing your filter when necessary, you can expect your new air conditioning unit to keep your family comfortable for many years.

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