The Importance of Pet Vaccination in Lenexa, KS

If you have just purchased a new puppy or kitten, you will need to ensure that you locate a veterinarian immediately. Since their immune systems are not fully developed, puppies and kittens are susceptible to many viruses and parasites that are in our parks, yards and maybe even our homes. Your new pet should receive a full course of vaccines to protect against viruses and parasites before they wander outdoors and come into contact with other animals that may carry something that will harm your young pet.

Pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS can be done at any veterinarian office or clinic in the area. When you pick up your puppy or kitten, you should receive a record of the shots that have already been given to your new pet. Typically, they’ve had at least one round of boosters to start building up their immune systems. They should have up to three more rounds of shots before they can be considered safe from many of the viruses they could pick up.

The most common virus puppies can pick up is parvo. This virus can kill young puppies if not diagnosed and treated immediately. Distemper/parvo boosters are given to puppies about once every three weeks until they reach the age of four months. The most common illness for kittens is feline leukemia and respiratory issues. They should receive boosters for these issues once every three weeks until 16 weeks of age.

Probably the biggest mistake people make upon purchasing and bringing home a new pet is wanting to take them around to show all their friends. Until they have completed their initial boosters, you should limit their interaction both at parks where you don’t know what animals have been there, as well as with other animals. Even if you know another animal’s history, you never know if they are carrying something they picked up from a park or other locale.

If you are looking for a pet vaccination in Lenexa, KS, you can visit Website. Not only can you receive the vaccinations you need for your pet, but you can receive excellent, quality care for the lifetime of your pet. While early vaccinations are necessary, your pet will also need to receive boosters and rabies shots throughout their lifetime to keep them on the path of good health.

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