The Importance of Mold Restoration in Miami Beach for Those With Allergies

If your roof leaks or if your basement flooded, mold may be growing inside your home. It may even be present inside your ductwork and ventilation system. If you or anyone in your family has allergies, call a contractor experienced in

mold restoration in Miami Beach. If you are allergic to mold or have other allergies and develop any of the following symptoms, get a mold inspection of your home.

Stubborn Sinus Infections

While most bacterial and viral sinus infections clear up within a couple of weeks, sinus infections caused by fungi such as mold may linger for many months. Sinus infections caused by inhaling mold spores can cause headaches, sinus pressure, thick mucus, discolored mucus, and fever. Antibiotics are ineffective at treating fungal infections and they may even make your symptoms worse.


Mold infestations can cause skin conditions such as rashes and hives. If your hives began soon after your home was flooded, you may have a mold problem. You will need to call a contractor with experience in mold restoration in Miami Beach to inspect your home and clean up the mold if it is found.

Once all traces of mold have been eliminated, your allergic skin reactions will disappear. Do not assume that just because you don’t see visible signs of mold that there isn’t some hiding behind your walls or under your floorboards. A mold contractor is trained to seek out mold that is hiding in even the most inconspicuous places.

If you think you may have a mold problem in your home, call Puro Clean of Aventura.

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