The Importance of Landscape Pathway Lighting

The beauty of your home can be enhanced with effective landscape pathway lighting. Outdoor lighting plays a huge role when it comes to focusing on the home’s exterior and lighting pathways.

Define Your Pathway

Landscape pathway lighting can turn a dull path on your property to an enjoyable one. Homeowners can create a lighting scheme that can make a pathway look inviting. Adding light fixtures along the path can be used to emphasize certain design elements in the yard.


Pathway lighting is not only for aesthetics. Landscape pathway lighting is used to help keep guests on the path and provides just enough light for them to see any obstacles that may be in their way. Most paths in backyards are not level and can contain steps, inclines, holes, or low-hanging vines. These obstacles can be avoided with landscape pathway lighting that is properly placed and well maintained.


A properly lit landscape is proven to be a deterrent to potential intruders. Dark areas, shadows, and hidden spots can be eliminated with pathway lights. A well-lit yard allows homeowners will be able to detect movement if someone is on the property.

Types of Lighting

The right lighting makes a difference in the atmosphere of the yard. Homeowners can create a mood with the right lights. There are different types and styles of landscape pathway lighting.

Step lights are great for illuminating steps around a deck. These are small lights that fit on the step risers.

Many pathway lights are set on stakes driven in the ground. They usually have a canopy in some type of decorative style. The canopy will redirect the light downward so you can see the path.

Landscape pathway lighting is a great way to welcome your guests and provide enough light so they can safely reach your front door or a specific area.

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