The Importance of Gum Care by Your Local Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa

Your gums can be seen with the naked eye whenever opening the mouth and raising the lips. It is this mucous lining of the jaws and teeth that helps hold together the periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone and oral cements. The whole of this structure that secures the tooth is called periodontium. Maintaining your teeth and gums is the number one concern a Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa will express.

Basically gums differ in three parts:

* Free or marginal gingiva

* This is the outer part that joins the rest of the oral mucosa.

* Attached gingiva

* This seals the tooth.

* Interdental gingiva or gum

* The union of the previous two forms a crown around the tooth by sealing both, in order to prevent food debris from collecting between the gum and teeth.

Although gums are very sensitive and can bleed when slightly touched, when they are healthy, gums will be a slightly pink or reddish color. Its role in oral health is essential, and that means proper oral hygiene is essential in preserving it. In fact, absent, inadequate or insufficient hygiene can lead to a number of gum diseases, one of which is periodontal disease. This, in extreme cases, can cause the loss of one or more teeth, and even affect the bone that they serves as its support.

The slightest periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is produced by the accumulation of plaque to the point of causing inflammation, redness and even bleeding when brushing teeth. It is easily treatable, but if it does progress, it can degenerate into what is known as periodontitis. This is an inflammation around the tooth causing the withdrawal of the gums, promoting the formation of so-called periodontal pockets. This is formed by the accumulation of plaque, which can damage bone and tissues supporting the tooth, ending up in possible loss of teeth. Seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Tulsa can help you repair the loss of teeth.

The existence of periodontal disease can be detected, other than inflammation and bleeding, by:

* The existence of halitosis;

* Pain when chewing;

* Tooth sensitivity;

* Mobility of teeth; and/or

* Withdrawal from the gums.

Periodontitis, however, requires more aggressive interventions, like periodontics or surgery. In addition to proper oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist can allow for review of the health of your gums and teeth, as well as preventing or avoiding the onset of periodontal diseases. To learn more about these issues, contact Carletti Dentistry and Associates.

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