The Importance of Getting a Transmission Flush in Florissant

The transmission on a vehicle is a machine that allows the power from your engine/motor which in turn allows you to drive the car. You get to control the speed and gears (where applicable) of your vehicle via the transmission. All transmissions have fluid that runs through them to keep the machine lubricated so it runs efficiently. While there is some debate about flushing your transmission, it is important to know the facts about gettinh an automobile transmission flush in Florissant. The following will discuss transmission flushing and its benefits.

What is a transmission flush?

It is the process of removing all the existing fluid from your transmission, using a cleaning solution to clean out the sludge and gunk from the unit, and refilling it with clean fluid. At this time, the technician also changes the filter to enhance the lifespan of your vehicle.

Is it really necessary for vehicle maintenance?

It is smart to check your owner’s manual for your vehicle before getting a transmission flush as part of your regular maintenance. Some people believe this process can be harmful to the vehicle while others believe it is necessary to keep the transmission clean and clear of debris to preserve the life of your vehicle. Car manufacturers claim that flushing is helpful not harmful to your transmission.

How often should it be done?

Your owner’s manual should include information on the proper maintenance for your automobile and how often it should be done. The common recommendation for transmission flushing is every 50,000 miles. It may be different in your manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

Is this the same as a fluid change?

A transmission fluid change is simply the draining of old fluid and replacing it with new fluid. A flush is where a cleaner is run through the system before new fluid is put back into the transmission.

All types of preventative maintenance that is recommended by your dealer or car manufacturer is intended to prevent serious issues with your car and to extend its lifespan. Regular preventative maintenance is designed to ensure that your car gives you its best for as long as you own it. Whether you are having transmission problems or 50,000 plus miles on your vehicle, it would be wise to find out if you require transmission flush in Florissant to protect your investment.

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