The Importance of Continuing Education: Phlebology

A doctor’s job is more than treating patients—the moment an individual commits to being a physician or another allied health professional, they also commit to lifelong learning. This dedication to learning and a continued desire to improve and expand upon one’s knowledge is an essential part of what makes the best doctors so great.

In particular, seeking phlebology training can be extremely beneficial both for your knowledge as a doctor and for the well-being of your patients. For just a few of the reasons why you should consider phlebology training, read below.

  1. About 22 million women and 11 million men are affected by varicose veins between the ages of 40 and 80. Varicose veins and their smaller component, spider veins, are a major cosmetic concern for huge numbers of individuals across the country. However, vein disease can contribute to more than just cosmetic concerns.

  2. A phlebology workshop can be a great way to refresh your anatomical knowledge. While anatomy is the basis of medical practice, it can be one of the easiest medical topics to forget. Pursuing additional phlebology training can provide some important reminders of the foundational medical knowledge.

  3. Phlebology practice often involves the use of medical equipment such as ultrasound and echo scleropathy, meaning that continuing your medical education with a phlebology workshop is a great way to improve your techniques for diagnostics with handheld digital equipment.

  4. Continuing education and further certifications demonstrate a commitment to your patients that will help them to feel more comfortable in your care.

  5. Knowledge of Phlebology and the related diagnostic techniques can result in result in a broader ability to correctly diagnose your patients and provide beneficial solutions.

The fields of science and medicine are constantly changing, which means that your knowledge base should be evolving, too! Attend a workshop in phlebology training such as the ones offered by Vein Specialty Medical Clinic, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.

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