The Importance of Choosing a Business Event Caterer

Choosing a professional Utah corporate catering company for your business event is something that, if underestimated, might have a cost. Every company event represents an ideal occasion on which a business can speak to shareholders, key employees, or just the general public about its values and its overall message. It is a kind of trade marketing, showing the capability of the company to represent itself to its clients and potential business partners. But more than the program, the food served is the one that may make or break the objectives and help or derail the agenda the company is trying to achieve.

That is why it pays to have a good Utah Corporate Catering Company for your business event that does not just have the ability to create a food spread, but understands exactly the effect of what the catering service does to the company’s goals.

But, how does the corporate communications or human resource team hire an amazing catering company? Let us run it down:

1. Protocol far more than placemats

The catering company should have a working knowledge of protocol. Upon the first meeting, they should be asking immediately who the attendees are, as it dictates fully the extent and limits of the food which can be served. Whether it is the Queen of England or the President in attendance, they should be able to advise accordingly how the catering and food service will happen. The caters should be able to tell who should be served first in a sit down set up, or how the dining area floor plan should be prepared.

After the attendees, the catering company should ask the dietary requirements of the VIP guests. This will avoid any problems or embarrassing moments happening during the business event. The last thing the company wants is to have to purchase extra food outside for a vegan attendee.

2. The little things count

One thing to look for during presentations of past projects is how they dealt with the little things, such as food labels or table design elements. Do they go as far as calligraphy for food tags? Do they dress up a table with recyclable materials? Did they make sure that a company that prides itself with sustainability serves food to guests from equally sustainable sources for credibility?

All the minuscule details communicate the most what a company is about.

3. Sanitation and food safety

A catering company may have the best tasting food, compared to the rest. But, if they cannot even produce sanitation permits or food safety certifications, forget it. Company event attendees should be taken care of, and their health being compromised does not bode well to the company that hosted it.

This is where the catering company hired comes in. More than a supplier of food, they should be capable of being partners of the company in being great hosts and achieving their business goals.

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