The Importance Of A Rehabilitation Center For All Ages In MO

To help you fully recover from an injury, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation. Qualified therapists are trained in occupational, speech and physical therapy. Below you’ll learn how a Rehabilitation Center For All Ages in MO can help you get back to your daily routine.

Occupational Therapy
This type of therapy improves the cognitive, motor and social skills of patients with disabilities. Types of therapy may include learning how to do everyday tasks, coping with stressful situations, using a wheelchair and, improving coordination and concentration. An occupational therapist works to adapt the patient’s environment to help him with daily tasks and situations.

Speech Therapy
This type of therapy helps patients who need assistance with swallowing or communicating. This can be due to certain conditions including autism or Parkinson’s, brain injuries or nerve damage to the brain. With the help of a speech therapist, the patient will learn how to properly pronounce words and form syllables. People who have trouble eating or swallowing will perform exercises that help to control the muscles in the throat.

Physical Therapy
One of the most common types of rehabilitation, physical therapy, helps patients to function by gaining strength and flexibility. Therapists may help patients with their balance, manage chronic pain and strengthen their joints. Physical therapy is often recommended for patients who have had a stroke, been injured in an accident or have had a recent surgery.

Both children and adults can greatly benefit from rehabilitation therapy. Your physician will communicate with your therapist so you can receive the best type of treatment for your situation. Depending on your circumstances, you may have therapy a few times a week or every day. As you progress with your therapy, you may be required to do certain exercises at home to help with your healing. To be able to return to your normal lifestyle after an injury, it’s important that you visit a Rehabilitation Center For All Ages in MO.

Missouri Delta Medical Center provides medical care to patients in the Southeast Missouri area. Services include emergency care, rehabilitation, cancer center, surgical procedures and women’s care. Visit their website at for more information and to find a physician.


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