The Importance Of A Case Evaluation From Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you are injured on the job, the first priority should be to get the medical attention required to not only document the injury but to also start the necessary treatment for healing and recovery. For those workers in Minnesota with significant injuries, preexisting conditions, or those working for employers who are known to fight these types of claims, talking to Workers’ Compensation lawyers early in the process is also important.

Getting the Facts

One of the most essential initial roles of Workers’ Compensation lawyers is to talk to clients about their rights under Workers’ Compensation, as well as discussing the types of situation that are covered.

Unfortunately, information from the employer, from the coworkers and from the internet is often not accurate. This creates frustration and further misunderstanding and can result in missed deadlines for filing a claim.

The Workers’ Compensation lawyers have a full understanding of the process as well as the eligibility requirements and the documentation required. They can evaluate your case in a short meeting, providing you with the information needed to proceed.

No Cost

The top firms in Minnesota specializing in Workers’ Comp cases offer a free case evaluation or case consultation. This may be done by phone, in the attorney’s office or even at your location. Most of the best firms are very accommodating if travel is a challenge for the injured employee, and they may be able to visit in the hospital or at home.

This is the time for the employee to ask questions and to be open and honest about their injury, any preexisting conditions or any mitigating factors to the accident or injury. The information shared by the client and the attorney is confidential and privileged, which means it is not shared with anyone else.

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