The Hidden Benefits To Working With Top 3PL Companies

Many businesses take advantage of 3PL companies or third-party logistics companies to handle all their freight hauling and supply chain management needs. There are some very obvious reasons why it makes sense to allow a professional company dedicated to supplying chain management to handle this, but there are some hidden benefits you may not have considered as well.

It is critical to keep in mind not all third-party logistics companies are the same. There are some of these companies only offering the minimum in services, but there are some truly amazing firms out there who can handle it all. Finding a company with the professionals, the understanding and the experience to make your supply chain management more efficient, effective, and low cost is the biggest benefit of these services.

Lower Employee Numbers

When you are working with one of the top third-party logistics companies, you don’t have to have employees in your company handling supply chain issues. Instead, you are outsourcing that aspect of your business to the 3PL company.

This means not only are you accessing a team of professionals through 3PL companies instead of having to hire a team, but there are no additional costs for the entire supply chain group you would need to have on staff. You pay one low rate based on fees which is clearly identified and discussed in advance.

Avoid Capital Purchases

If you are not using third-party logistics companies for your freight needs your other options are to contact for each shipment with local trucking companies or buy a fleet of trucks.

Negotiating freight costs for every shipment is time-consuming and difficult, and buying a fleet of trucks for a company is cost prohibitive. In addition to the initial purchase price, don’t forget the upkeep, the wages for drivers, the insurance costs and all the issues with repairs and replacement over time.

Highly Flexible

By utilizing the professional experience and the volume of business third-party logistics companies give to the trucking companies, railways, and other transportation options you will find you get better rates and much more flexibility for any load.

You will also have access to the multi-modal shipping options creating very real cost saving advantages, especially on long haul full truckload services. These options in shipping become more important as your business grows, so look for 3PL companies providing increased service and flexibility no matter how diverse your supply chain needs get.

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