The Health Benefits That You Get By Eating Fresh Seafood From Charleston, SC

With all of the great things in the world that there are to eat, one of the most healthful and nutritious is from the fresh seafood market in Charleston, SC. There are many health benefits to dining in this kind of cuisine. Here are just a few of them.

Good Fat

While most seafood has fat, it is actually the good kind. Unsaturated fat is beneficial to your health and not only provides fuel for your body but allows your body to absorb the vitamins that seafood is naturally rich in.

High In Vitamins

Freshly-caught seafood is naturally high in many different vitamins. The vitamins with the highest density in seafood are vitamin A, B, and B-complex. These vitamins all aid in memory, and concentration, keeping the skin looking youthful as well as increasing the production of your body’s energy.


Not only is fresh seafood high in the previously-mentioned nutrients, but it is also high in Omega-3 essential fatty acids as well. These EFAs work to maintain not only the health of your body’s cells, but it improves your immune system as well as maintain the elasticity of your skin.

Pure Protein

For those who are watching their carb intake, there are none found in any form of seafood. It is a pure high-quality protein that helps to build strong muscles. You can live a very healthy lifestyle if you regularly purchase and eat from a fresh seafood market in Charleston, SC.

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