The Evolution of Online Advertising

Online advertising has come a very long way over the years. There are so many different ways that business and come in contact with potential customers online. Online advertising grew nearly 36% in the year 2013 alone and it is only getting more prominent. Though there are still some businesses not making a profit off of online advertising, most businesses are, according to research studies. You must first understand the evolution of online advertising before going any further.

Ad Exchanges

Ad exchanges are one way that businesses are using online advertising to their advantage. What ad exchanges do is provide a market for online advertising market for sellers, buyers, and advertisers so they are able to connect with one another on a business level. One of the biggest ad exchange companies is Google’s ad exchange. What they do is assist in providing ad display and also help companies run ad campaigns all over the Google and YouTube networks. As you can probably imagine, this reaches a lot of viewers due to the amount of traffic that Google and YouTube receive on a daily basis.

Data Management Platforms

Data Management Platforms are also a way for companies to appeal to consumers online. A data management platform (DTP) is a way for companies to collect and analyze specific data from a number of different sources. This is a way for companies to use marketing methods such as banners, Facebook ads, YouTube videos, and mobile ads to build a target audience. This is a very effective way to advertisement because potential customers are constantly looking at sites such as Facebook and YouTube daily.

Real Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding is another way that businesses can market online. This provides a way for buyers to bid for every impression. Businesses are then able to track the bids and narrow down their targeted audience. This helps companies track of supply and demand and any changes they would need to make down the road.

The evolution of online advertising has come a long way over the years. Email and text marketing seems outdated in comparison to these new and technological methods of creating long-term customers. The best way that you can implement these types of strategies is to hire an expert in digital marketing services in Atlanta, GA who knows how to optimize your business strategies to their most extraordinary potential. There is no doubt at all that the online marketing platform has completely changed the way we all do business.

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