The essence of waterproofing in Pittsburgh,PA

Structures are an integral part of the environment. They provide shelter, warmth and even a sense of belonging and comfort when they are used. They are however faced by various problems that tend to threaten the utility we obtained from their use.

Foundation problems: These affect the general health of the building; a building without proper foundations may crumble. They may show by cracks in foundation walls and interior walls and ceilings, there may also be sunken or buckled interior concrete floors. They are also seen when doors and windows stick and don’t open properly. All this is caused by exposure to extreme moisture conditions or lack of proper drainage. This may cause the foundation to shift resulting to loss of the building.

Basement Problems: Due to the prolonged exposure to moisture, the basement walls begin to fail and lean inwards. Concrete is strongest when vertical and the bowing in causes weakness to the integral strength of the building. Without any action to deter the increased buckling, the building may be lost. This is because the walls cannot resist the outside pressure on their own. This situation requires the use of a reinforcement in order to add strength to the wall and prevent further damage.

All the problems above are caused by exposure of the basement to moisture. Every basement receives some water in the form of moisture from the walls or even in large streams in some areas. This is caused by many factors that include the foundation material used, the nature of soil on the ground and also the nature of the water entry points. Water entry can be detected easily by observing the basement walls for any paint on floors flaking off, mold and mildew growth, accelerated rusting among others.

It is imperative that clients should get rid of all water entry points in the basement to assure themselves of a lasting building. This may be done by sealing any water entry areas like floor wall joints, floor cracks, making sure their piping doesn’t leak. Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA is therefore very essential in a clients life.

Water leaking problems are sometimes inevitable but with the provision of solutions without the need to tear down the entire foundation is a welcome sign to the homes and pockets of many clients. Waterproofing is therefore an integral process in securing the buildings health.

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