The Dos And Don’ts Of Roof Snow Removal

If you are facing the need for roof snow removal in Minneapolis, it is important to consider some very basic “dos and don’ts.” This applies to those who want to tackle the job on their own. If you cannot follow the basic rules, do not attempt to clear your roof of sow. Pick up your smart phone and either call or text a professional roof snow removal company. After all, they are better equipped to handle the situation than you are.

The Basic Dos of Roof Snow Removal

The following are the bare essentials you need to heed when you decide to remove the snow from your roof on your own.

* Do make sure you have the right equipment or tools for the job. At the very least, you require a shovel and a roof rake.

* Do use a roof rake that has either bumpers or rollers to prevent the blades from making direct contact with the roof and, therefore, putting it at risk for damage.

* Do make roof snow removal part of a routine.

* Do make sure you remove the snow in a timely fashion. Do not wait until it is so heavy it will cause the roof to collapse under its weight. Consider roof snow removal to be a necessity after about 6 inches of snow has settled on your roof. This is particularly applicable if you are at risk of the formation of ice dams.

* Do make sure that the first part you clear are the overhangs.

* Do take all precautions possible to avoid accidents while performing roof raking. When doing it from the ground, avoid any contact with overhead power lines. If on the roof, be sure to take precautions against slipping and falling.

The Basic Don’ts of Roof Snow Removal

There are certain things that may be recommended. Some are repeated on the internet as a cure for the formation of ice dams forming following the snow fall. Make sure they are not merely regurgitated misinformation. If you have any doubts, do not use the method. Instead, talk to an expert in the business.

* Don’t use salt and salt products to help dispose of the snow or reduce the risk of an ice dam. These products are not environmentally friendly. When they run off the roof and into the soil, they may kill off shrubs and plants. Salt may also discolor your shingles.

* Don’t employ heat cables to melt the snow. They are at risk of not doing a good job; being expensive and failing to perform after a year or so of service.

* Don’t tackle heavy snow or too much snow. This is specifically applicable for the elderly and those who may be at risk of a heart attack. Roof snow removal is not an easy job to undertake. Snow is heavy. Shoveling is hard work.

* Don’t employ a metal-edged shovel if you can clear off your roof on your own. This can scratch and otherwise damage the shingles.

Call in a Professional Snow Removal Service

If your roof looks weighed down by snow, call in the professionals. Find professional roof snow removal in Minneapolis that can take care of this problem so you don’t have to. It may be another expense, but it is worth it in the long run to prevent the risk of ice dams forming and your roof collapsing.

When looking into Roof Snow Removal in Minneapolis, be sure to talk to the pros in the field at Roof to Deck. You can learrn more about what we can do for you by visiting us online.

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