The Do’s And Don’ts Of Gutter Repair in Lakewood, WA

As simple as gutter maintenance may seem, not everyone is an expert. Maintaining and repairing gutters is essential to the wellbeing of a home. Here is a list of the dos and don’ts for Gutter Repair in Lakewood WA.

Don’t Ignore The Gutters

If a house is without gutters, the owners should consider that a significant issue. Gutters are the home’s first line of defense against water damage from rainfall. In this instance, they must schedule the installation of gutters right away.

Do Monitor The State Of The Gutters

Regularly checking the gutters for damage is good preventative maintenance for the home. Homeowners should routinely look for cracks, rust spots, or peeling paint. This way, they can schedule the necessary repairs before the problems become more expensive to repair.

Don’t Avoid Cleaning

Homeowners must regularly check their gutters for clogs. It is easy for debris to pile up, leading to improper drainage and potential home damage. Gutter guards are ineffective in preventing debris from causing clogs, so homeowners who have them should not assume they are protected.

Do Repair The Gutters

Gutters can easily suffer damage from clogs or falling branches. Identifying damage before it gets too bad is the key to being able to repair the gutters rather than replace them. Homeowners should seek our professional Gutter Repair in Lakewood WA to get an accurate idea of what may need to be fixed.

Don’t Ignore The Hardware

Unless the homeowner is a professional, they may not be able to tell if the gutters were initially installed correctly. If it wasn’t, there may be issues with joints and hardware. A key component of proper gutter installation is the pitch. A gutter that is pitched properly runs will angle slightly toward one or more downspouts. Gutters that are not adequately pitched are more likely to suffer hardware damage, as they are unable to handle the weight of a clog.

The Bottom Line

Gutter maintenance and repair should not be ignored. A functional gutter is vital to the wellbeing of the house and protects it against damage from rainfall. Use this guide to understand how to keep a gutter in good repair.

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