The Diversity Of Tanning Bed Supplies

Not all tanning beds are equal. There are different models, sizes and styles. The quality will also vary with a large gap between high-end tanning beds and bargain basement models. However, tanning bed supplies for them all remain similar if not identical.

Basic Tanning Bed Supply Needs

When you purchase a tanning bed, it tends to arrive with all the requisite components and supplies. However, if you wish to upgrade, alter or repair, you need to look at what supplies you need to consider having in stock. Among the most basic are the following:

* Tanning Lamps: You can purchase tanning lamps in innumerable shapes and sizes. The main thing you need to concern yourself with is wattage. However, you also need to look at other factors affecting their usage such as skin and bed type.
* Fans: A cooling fan is one component of a tanning bed. They can malfunction so have one on hand as a replacement.
* Lamp Holders: You can purchase these in different styles and sizes. By changing the lamp, you can alter the look of the bed. Lamps and lamp holders are two of tanning bed supplies that may require more frequent ordering and/or consideration.
* Tanning Accelerators: This describes the lotions and other products that speed up the tanning process by as much as 40%.
* Tanning Lotions: These do not accelerate the tanning process but do help you help ready your skin so it will tan evenly and without either drying it out or harming the barrier layer. You have a choice of what format. Tanning lotions come in lotion as well as crams, gels, mists and sprays. The last two types are usually looked upon as the easiest and less messy to apply to the body or face prior to tanning
* Eye Protection: These are available in glasses and goggles of designer style or more generic types.

A salon operator can also purchase other tanning supplies including hair and face bonnets, and finger and toe nail protectors.

Tanning Bed Supplies

If you are planning to or already operate a tanning salon, it is important to think ahead at all times. While you may currently have the basic supplies on hand, you might want to consider augmenting them. By adding new items, you can alter and add to the salon experience of your customers. A line of exclusive lotions or attractive hair protection can help your clients relax and enjoy the time they spend their. It reduces the worry-factor.

In addition, having doubles of certain tanning bed supplies will ensure that when something breaks down or a malfunction occurs, you have a replacement ready, therefore removing any costly and annoying delays. This will help to decrease your own and your salon’s worry factor.

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