The Different Types of Primary Dental Care

Primary dental care is what the average individual gets during their twice yearly visits to their dentist in Cedar Rapids IA. This care usually consists of preventative care such as a professional cleaning as well as attention to any issues such as a cavity. If the dentist notices anything that is outside of his area of expertise, you will normally be referred to a specialist. This is where the term primary comes in; it simply refers to the fact that your dentist is the first point for dental care, the dentist who maintains your teeth on a regular basis; he or she may very well be the only dentist that you will ever see.

Perhaps the best example of primary care is the semi-annual cleaning of the teeth and gums. This treatment is seen as preventative in nature and is intended to ensure that the patient maintains excellent oral hygiene which in turn makes it more difficult for cavities to set in. However, even the best care cannot eliminate all problems; periodically the dentist will spot a cavity or some other dental problem that needs attention. In the case of routine dental care, your primary care dentist will look after the treatment, should it be necessary, the dentist will refer you to a specialist, perhaps an orthodontist if your dentist feels that your dental health can be improved with braces. This type of care is very important as it allows the dentist to catch any potential problem early which usually saves the tooth as well as saving money.

If you have completed a course of orthodontic work, the primary dentist will take over and make sure there is no adverse movement of the teeth, this is done with X-Rays. Orthodontic work is not part of primary care but as your dentist is responsible for maintaining all your records, regardless of which dentist performed what procedure, all referrals and follow-up work is done by your primary care dentist.

Other treatments that are performed without the need for any specialist attention is tooth whitening along with other cosmetic procedures such as veneers and crowns. In some cases, perhaps if the treatment requires oral surgery, your dentist and the oral surgeon will work in tandem.

Dr. Adrian Rehak, D.D.S. performs multiple treatments including cosmetic dentistry, implants, root canals, etc. in Cedar Rapids, IA.

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