The different types of artistic wallpaper

There are many artistic types of wallpaper available, homeowners have the option of creating a theme for any room in the house or enhance the current style of the room. The various possibilities for custom wallpaper include vintage products, custom produced products and products which are specifically designed by an artist. The material itself can be cloth, paper or vinyl film. Artistic wallpapers are used as the room’s focal point or to highlight a specific element of the room.

There are a number of manufacturers who produce these materials. These companies will commission an artist to design the effect, the wall covering resemble a large mural once they have been hung. A great deal of care must be taken as they are hung because when it’s completed it must be one unbroken theme; it really is a piece of artwork rather than simply wallpaper.

Many interior decorators will use patterned custom wallpaper to highlight and enhance existing artwork on display in the home. Homes with historic value often use bold patterns, these patterns allow the artwork to stand out in the room; the patterns also act as a unifying element. Many designers think of this approach as bringing the “outside in” as there are many different textures and colors used outdoors in a natural setting, all working together at the same time.

Although very expensive, custom wallpaper can be manufactured to duplicate a unique piece of art using the drawings, paintings or photographs provided by the homeowner. This artwork can then be taken and printed onto whatever material the designer has chosen. This approach, although costly, gives the interior decorator complete freedom as he or she does not have to be hemmed in with whatever common material is available.

Vintage style wall coverings are often considered as a work of art as well. Wallpaper from the Victoria era used very unique patterns and colors. Rarely was vintage wallpaper made from anything other than cloth. There are a number of vintage wallpapers copied from the designs of by-gone times.

Although murals are often thought of as the only type of artistic wallpaper, the materials the wallpaper is made from can also give the product and artistic look and feel. This is especially true when using textiles such as grass cloth and linen over a paper backing.

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