The Differences Between New, Used and Rebuilt Transmissions

Burned smells, brown oil, transmission fluid leaks – these are all signs of a problem and if you are hoping to spend less on a replacement transmission part, you may want to buy rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO. When you buy rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO not only will you save money but also, you will get all of the benefits associated with buying a brand new component. In fact, the majority of new transmissions have actually been rebuilt, which is why uncovering the differences between new, used and rebuilt transmissions will make purchasing them a whole lot easier.

Rebuilt Transmissions

When you buy rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO, you will be purchasing what is otherwise known as a remanufactured transmission. Generally, when an old transmission is given to a dealer, the dealer will attempt to rebuild it. The process of rebuilding transmissions will normally take place at a garage, whereas remanufactured transmissions will be completed to a high standard in a factory setting. During the process, the entire component will be dismantled and cleaned thoroughly. This ensures that old oil, metal flakes and debris are removed. Damaged parts will be focused on and repaired to ensure that the next person buying the transmission can get their money’s worth.

New Transmissions

Most people find new transmissions more appealing, but the truth is that these will cost far more than it would cost to buy rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO. It can be difficult to find a dealer who will sell new transmissions as replacement parts because typically, these components will be fitted in new vehicles and not sold separately. If you speak with a dealer about new transmissions, be sure to inquire about whether it has been rebuilt or remanufactured because this will prevent you from getting ripped off.

Used Transmissions

The cheapest option when you need a transmission replacement is to buy used transmissions however, this can be quite tricky. Because used transmissions have been removed from another vehicle to be sold on in a dealership, it is possible that they will have faced severe wear and tear. By asking the dealer a few questions, you can decide if you want to buy rebuilt transmissions in Springfield MO or used transmissions. Learn about the condition of the transmission and how many miles it has covered in the vehicle. Also, find out if it has been properly maintained. A well-maintained transmission will not have dirty colored oil and it should not have an unusual smell. Ask for warranty when buying used transmissions because if a problem occurs, you can get repairs free of charge.





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