The Common Problems With Roofs

There are a number of issues that can plague a roofing system but the most common problems are fascia, soffit and gutter. Problems with these areas of the roof are quite easy to identify and repair. Some simple repairs can actually be accomplished by the homeowner while others will need professionals in roof repair in Annapolis. One thing to remember though; even though the repair may be straight forward, if you feel insecure then hire a professional roofing contractor.

Fascia: The fascia is the band that runs horizontally around the perimeter of the house, it is situated under the edge of the roof and is installed vertically. It is the front trim board that runs under the roof line. The fascia is usually wood but can also be metal. The primary function of the fascia is to close the ends of the roof rafters and trusses and to provide protection from water as it blocks the entry of water, snow, etc from getting into the attic space. Although it plays a critical role in protecting the home it also plays a role in the aesthetics of the house.

The number one enemy of the fascia is moisture, if you notice any sign of rot or other damage contact a contractor who does roof repair in Annapolis.

Soffit: The soffit is the exposed area that is below the roof overhang. The soffit is normally where the attic vents are located so that air can circulate, drawing heat and humidity away from the attic space. This is important as it stops rotting wood in the rafters and the roof decking. Most soffits are made from a sheet of vinyl as the material is water resistant and cost efficient.

The things to look for are cracks or any evidence of rot as this will allow the entry of water and vermin.

Gutter: The gutter is used to keep water away from the perimeter of the building, if there is no gutter or the gutter has failed the foundations can be affected. Gutters are susceptible to damage from ice and the buildup of debris.

This is one task that most homeowners can accomplish, keeping the gutters and downpipes clean. The weight of leaves and twigs along with standing water can easily distort the gutter or even pull them away from the fascia. It is important that the gutters be slightly tilted towards the downspouts and that the downspouts discharge the water some distance from the foundation.

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