The Business of Construction

People can learn how to concrete in Hertfordshire by going to a specific college to learn the right skills. Apart from the concreting skills there are other trades that are connected with the construction industry. At some colleges you can learn bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, plumbing and electrics, while at others you can learn construction management, project management, welding, another many other construction skills.

Choosing a career in construction can be a wise choice because the construction industry, despite suffering on occasions, during recessions, will always be an industry that is required. Getting to the business begins with experience and experience begins with learning. Most colleges offer NVQ’s and diplomas and degree courses for people to learn management and trade skills that will give them a well-paid and solid career.

Construction History

Construction is probably one of the oldest trades in the history of the world and man has always needed shelter. In the past man relied on crude huts that were built from leaves, branches and twigs, but as we progressed as a society we began constructing more complex structures, such as the Roman Coliseum, the Egyptian Pyramids and other famous structures. Nowadays, construction is not only based on practical reasons but also aesthetic reasons and awards are won for architecture as well as design. There are also a great deal more materials that modern buildings use, such as glass, steel, cast iron and other materials, many used together to create certain effects.

The process of building is based on an early series of design drawings, known as a draft. Surveyors who survey the land and determine some of the factors, such as boundaries, then assess the building design. After this, quantity surveyors are involved, along with structural engineers—to assess the quantity of materials needed and to assess the structure. The construction usually begins with a ground-breaking ceremony and then the foundations are dug. The structure is then erected and the frame of the building could be made from steel, reinforced concrete or other materials. The building starts to take shape a couple of months later as the outside features are added and once the building is completed there may be an official opening ceremony. Construction will always be a vital factor of human behavior in the need to expand ones world.

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