The Best Way to Find CPE Classes

Almost all CPAs have to take CPE classes each or every other year, depending on their state’s requirements. Every state is slightly different, but whether or not it is required, many CPAs choose to the continuing professional education anyway, as it helps them stay current on new changes and recent news. This can be helpful to many accountants, and is just one more way to better themselves.

There are many great classes available, either online or in person. It is up to you to choose the type of classes you want or if you want blended classes.


CPE classes can be easy to take online. You receive course material, study when you have time and then take the final exam. In many cases, the exam is quite easy, as long as you study. This is the best option for most people, because they can work on their own time. It can be very disturbing and upsetting to know that you have to rush out and get to a particular class or you will risk losing your continuing professional education. Online, you don’t have to drive anywhere, you only have to work when you want to and when you have time, and you can be instantly graded in the end.


Traditional classes are a good option for some people, but not for everyone. If you truly enjoy and thrive on classes where there is a professional teaching the program, then this is a great option and there are many of those options available. You can listen to someone else talk about the course and take notes if needed. You will likely be pushed to get through the course in the allotted time, but this works well for many, as they tend to be procrastinators and otherwise wouldn’t finish in time.


For some, they enjoy the bustle of traditional classes and the fact that they are “being taught,” but they also enjoy studying on their own time and the ease of completing their work whenever they want. For these people, it may be best to take a few CPE classes online and a few in-person classes. You get the best of both worlds and can feel better about yourself. For those courses that you think will be more difficult, look for in-person courses and for those you think you will breeze through quickly, go online and take them.

There are many options for your CPE classes, such as traditional and online. If you think online courses are a good choice, visit CPE Think to learn more.

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