The Best School for a Commercial Drivers License in Chicago

Choosing an excellent driving school to obtain a Commercial Drivers License in Chicago is the beginning of a successful and safe career as a truck driver. Learning how to drive and control a truck takes education, training, skill and experience. Commercial driving is a great career move, and opens up many opportunities that are not possible without the proper licensing. Juarez Driving School adequately educates and trains their students preparing for their commercial driver’s license, and they provide them with all the tools they will need to begin a prosperous career in the industry.

Juarez Driving School has been in operation for more than 44 years. Their staff of highly trained professional instructors is why their graduation rates remain high and is also the reason why their students go on to work at reputable companies. Their training programs are designed to give their students individualized attention, and hands-on experience as well. They offer a basic course, an advanced course, an accelerated professional course, and an elite program that incorporates an eighteen wheeler over the road course. Juarez Driving School has flexible class hours to accommodate their student’s schedules, and they can also select classes during the week or on Saturdays for their convenience. To ensure their students can complete their programs with extremely busy schedules or limited time, they also offer an open entry/open exit program that allows students the flexibility to continue their classes with a schedule that accommodates their needs.

Juarez Driving School prevents students who need a Commercial Drivers License in Chicago from being taken advantage of by driving schools who either do not properly train their students, do not offer flexible schedules, or overcharge them for their services. Their students receive a thorough education. After successfully completing their course instruction, students utilize their training facilities to receive personal driving instruction from qualified trainers in a variety of trucks and tractor trailers.
Once students have completed their courses, Juarez Driving School helps their graduates start their career with their preferred placement program. They will be assigned a placement coordinator who will guide them as they search for employment, and companies familiar with Juarez Driving School are confident in their driver’s abilities. Juarez Driving School offers their students reasonable rates for their services, and veterans may be eligible to apply for the G.I Bill for funding as well. Starting a career as commercial driver begins at Juarez Driving School.

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