The best of both worlds; family cosmetic dentistry

Family cosmetic dentistry is concerned with the overall dental health of a patient as well as the appearance of the patient’s teeth. There are a number of reasons why people seek cosmetic dental care, in many case the person has had bad teeth all his or her life and they have never lived up to their full potential because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem. In other cases people find themselves going to a cosmetic dentist because their teeth are stained and discolored due to aging, others may simply want a complete smile makeover. A family dentist in Austin TX that also practices cosmetic dentistry is a professional who aims to solve all these types of problems.

A family dentist in Austin TX, also known as a general dentist, is one who works to prevent and treat tooth decay as well as ensuring that the patient’s mouth and gums are healthy and well maintained. The family dentist does regular cleanings to remove plaque and tartar that has built up, they conduct regular examinations and fill any cavities that are found, extract teeth when necessary and give their patients instructions on how to maintain great oral hygiene. The family dentist is the professional that will spot any potential problems that they may elect to treat early or perhaps the potential problem is such that they refer the patient to another dental specialist.

Family cosmetic dentistry attends to the cosmetics of the patients teeth, these dentists are focused on beautifying the smile of their patients. Although a family dentist in Austin TX can perform some cosmetic procedures without any specialized training, to offer the full gamut of cosmetic procedures the dentist will have had to undergo special training. A dentist that combines the practice of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry can perform a wide range of procedures and offer a wide range of dental services.

Family cosmetic dentists strive to improve the looks and smile of their patients, they whiten teeth either using a form of bleach or for a long lasting solution they fit porcelain veneers. These dentists can change the shape of teeth, they can fill gaps where teeth are missing and they often offer full orthodontic care where traditional metal braces are fitted or tooth colored braces and clear aligners which are almost invisible.

A family dentist in Austin TX that integrates cosmetic dentistry into the practice is one which can perform a complete menu of dental care and procedures.
If you are looking for a family dentist in Austin TX that also offers a full range of cosmetic procedures you are invited to make an appointment with Dr. Anne Lyon, DDS & Associates.

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