The Benefits Of Visiting An Optometrist In NYC

The chief benefit of regular eye examination is early discovery of common eye-related diseases. Anyone with a family history of vision difficulties or diseases should receive an eye examination from an Optometrist in NYC at least every two years. Common diseases of the eye are glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy.

What is Glaucoma?
Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the eye that damages the optic nerve. It is this nerve that sends images to the brain. A common sign of glaucoma and damage is high quantities of pressure on the nerve. Any patient with early signs of glaucoma who do not seek treatment could become completely blind within a three-year period.

The two types of glaucoma are open-angle and angle-closure. With open-angle glaucoma, the eye structure appears normal, yet the aqueous humor does not flow through the trabecular meshwork correctly. Angle-closure glaucoma produces an unexpected build-up of pressure within the eye; it causes the angle between the cornea and iris to prevent proper drainage.

Macular Degeneration
Macular degeneration is a condition that results in deterioration of the retina and limits its ability to function properly. This condition is typically age-related and affects seniors over sixty. However, there is a probability that premature infants that were exposed to high quantities of oxygen could develop this condition. The infants which do develop macular degeneration may additionally develop retinopathy prematurity, which is a condition in which the retina detaches completely.

Diabetic Retinopathy
Diabetic retinopathy is a chief cause of blindness for adults. This condition leads to one of two outcomes. It causes the blood vessels within the eyes to leak fluids and swell, or it causes blood vessels to grow abnormal on the retina. It is recommended by any Optometrist in NYC that patients with diabetes, primarily type two diabetes, undergo an eye examination each year for this reason.

Improved Vision
The most common reason that most people visit the eye doctor is due to vision problems. A local optometrist performs a complete eye examination to determine whether a patient’s vision has changed and prescribes eyeglasses accordingly. Charlotte Jones Opticians offers these eye examinations and provides a wide selection of designer eye wear for residents of New York City.

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