The Benefits Of Using A Social Security Lawyer

Social Security in the United States dates back to the mid 1930s when it was signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt, in the ensuing years it has been a lifesaver for millions of retired people and people suffering from a physical or mental disability. A Social Security lawyer in Marryville is one that has in-depth knowledge of the system; these lawyers are fully conversant with all the rules, regulations and laws that apply to the complex and in many cases, disheartening process of making a claim for disability benefits. Although a Social Security lawyer can help right from the outset and assist with the initial application, in the majority of cases they are called upon to help those who have had their application denied.

Making an application for disability benefits does not ensure that the application will be granted, benefits are not granted as a matter of course. The sad truth is that a lot more applicants are denied than are accepted. The applicant must provide exhaustive supporting information that proves beyond doubt that they are truly disabled and cannot perform any substantial work. The Social Security Administration use the applicants’ medical history and work history to determine whether their application will be approved or not. A Social Security lawyer in Marryville, using his or her in-depth knowledge of the system and their extensive experience, will know exactly what supporting information is required.

The majority of Social Security lawyers are hired by claimants that feel they meet the criteria but were nevertheless denied benefits. The lawyer will attempt to get the SSA to reverse their decision, if this fails the lawyer will file a motion for an administrative review. The administrative hearing is held in the presence of an administrative law judge, during the hearing the applicant along with his or her lawyer will attempt to prove that there a real disability exists and the applicant should be granted benefits. In many cases the lawyer will introduce expert witnesses to the panel. These witnesses will be called upon to attest to the physical or mental capabilities of the client, in order to show that they cannot meet the demands of any job due to circumstances such as lack of skills, education or ability.

If the Social Security Administrative judge should also deny the claim then Social Security lawyer in Marryville can make a request for review by the Appeals Council, failing that the case can be elevated to federal court.
A seasoned Social Security lawyer in Marryville is a must if your application for disability benefits has been denied.  Contact the Law offices of Miller & Drozdowski, PC..

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