The Benefits of Homeowners Insurance Greensburg PA Homeowners May Not Know About

Most property owners have homeowners insurance policies for one of two reasons. The first is that an insurance policy is required by their mortgage company. Most first-time homeowners fall into this category. They purchase a policy without reading the terms and the limitations because they need to have it before they can close on their loan. The other group of people who have homeowners insurance policies understand the value of having an insurance policy to protect their most expensive investment. If you fall into this group, you may have shopped around to get the best deal for the most coverage. While you may be somewhat knowledgeable about Homeowners Insurance Greensburg PA offers, you may not be aware that policies typically cover these three things.

1.     Homeowners insurance usually covers damage due to power outages. If a storm leaves your home without power for an extended period of time and you are forced to throw away all of the food in your refrigerator and freezer, your homeowners insurance may pay for you to replace your food. It is important to check your policy for limitations. Many policies only cover up to $500 in lost food.

2.      Dog owners are usually covered for injuries caused by their pet to people who do not live in the home. If your dog bites a neighbor, causing an injury that requires medical treatment or that neighbor sues you for damages, your homeowners insurance will likely cover your loss.

3.      Your property may be covered even if you are away from home. If your car is broken into and your personal belongings are stolen, your car insurance policy will only cover the physical damage to your vehicle. However, your homeowners insurance policy may cover the property that was stolen from your car. You may also have coverage against losses from property theft while you are traveling or for a child who lives in a college dormitory.

RFP Associates offers Homeowners Insurance Greensburg PA residents need to protect their finances in case of an accident that is beyond thier control. Power outages, dog bites and theft are just three things that can cause unexpected financial hardship. Fortunately, these losses are often covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

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