The Benefits of Getting a Kit for Printer Maintenance in Orange County

Paper documents are extremely important to most businesses. Whether you are an accounting firm that needs to print clients’ tax returns or a manufacturing company that needs to print invoices, you will probably be using your printer many times throughout the day. Consequently, when a printer breaks, your business may stall, potentially leaving you hours or even days behind on your work. With the proper printer maintenance in Orange County, however, you can ensure that your printer keeps working when you need it.

An excellent way to ensure that your printer is in good condition is with a maintenance kit. A typical kit for a laser printer usually comes with the necessary components. One important part of a maintenance kit is the paper pickup roller. This is small, thick rubber tube. Its job is to pick up and move the papers through the printing area. Unfortunately, it can wear out which can cause paper jam.

Getting a kit for printer maintenance in Orange County will also provide you with a transfer roll, which is a long black, thin stick. It is the size of the width of the paper and is covered by a spongy material. It helps to transfer the necessary toner from the cartridge onto the paper. A malfunctioning transfer roll can cause paper jams, light printing, streaks or other marks on the paper.

Another part of the maintenance kit is the fuser assembly. This is the bulky part that often holds the printer cartridges. It’s responsible for heating the toner so the toner can then move from the cartridge onto the paper. Due to the heating, the plastic can wear out. The fuser assembly can also experience electric failure. A bad fuser assembly may cause double images, streaking and paper jams.

When printing an important document, one of the last things you probably want is a paper jam or papers filled with steaks or light printing. By getting a special kit designed for printer maintenance in Orange County, you may prevent those problems from occurring. As a bonus, the kits usually come with detailed instructions, so you won’t need to be an expert.

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