The Benefits Of Dental Implants In River North Over Removable Dentures

Until recent years, if you had missing teeth you did not have any choices as far as replacement. You could either have dentures or nothing. Dentures did not have to be a full set. Sometimes the dentist could make a bridge that would just replace a tooth or two. However, no matter how many or how few teeth needed to be replaced, the denture was just temporary. Many dentures allow the wearer to eat as long as certain foods are avoided but at night the denture would have to come out, be cleaned by soaking or brushing, and then stay wet overnight until it went back in the mouth the next morning. Many denture wearers complain of pain or awkwardness while they are eating and they do not like the way having only temporary teeth makes them feel. This is especially true if the wearer is a young person who might get teased for having teeth that come out or might frequently lose the appliance, resulting in a lot of expense and trouble for the family.

Fortunately, new technology has come about and improved over the last several years and this is the process of Dental implants in River North. This allows what is essentially a prosthetic tooth to be implanted into the bone of the jaw. It is not a perfect replacement, of course, but it is very close. First of all to look at it, if done by a skilled surgeon, it really does look like the tooth that was there before. Implants can be shaped and colored to mimic exactly the surrounding teeth. Also, you can eat with it, even chewing hard foods, and have no difficulty whatsoever. But most importantly, it is a permanent replacement with no removal necessary at any time. Dental implants in River North really do provide a beautiful alternative for your missing teeth.

Because dental implants in River North are essentially two-part teeth, a titanium screw that has fused with the bone of the jaw and a porcelain or plastic crown that is molded and colored to match the mouth exactly, that crown can be replaced as needed and provide a lifetime of use for the patient.

Obviously, the choice between dental implants in River North and dentures is not one you want to make lightly. The process of having implants can be time-consuming and expensive. However, at the hands of a skilled surgeon who knows what he is doing, having dental implants in River North is the closest modern technology can come to actually giving you back the teeth you are missing.

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