The Benefits of Copper Roofing in Fairfield County, CT

The roof is an essential part of any home, no matter where in the country you live. There are dozens of popular materials that one can select for their roofing, including wood, asphalt, fiberglass and concrete, but one material many people overlook is copper. Copper is a very beneficial material for construction and has many benefits to your home that make it an ideal choice for roofing.

Despite its high cost, roughly 15 dollars per square foot of metal, copper is one of the best materials for roofing, especially if you live in a place like Fairfield County, CT. During the snowy winter months, it is very beneficial to have Copper Roofing in Fairfield County, CT as it easily sheds snow, making it unnecessary for you to remove the snow from your roof manually. Copper roofing also is incredibly resilient to extreme weather such as heavy wind and precipitation, despite its relatively low weight. Additionally, unlike standard shingle roofing, copper is incredibly cheap and easy to install, requiring less time and manpower to get the job done, as well as being very low maintenance and having an astonishingly long life.

Copper is also an attractive material; it can be cut into strips and tiles and has a strong curb appeal. Copper roofing also drastically increases the value of a home, and is great if you’re looking to redesign your home to sell. Copper also becomes more attractive over time, as it’s color naturally changes as it ages. Incidentally, no two pieces of copper age the same way, allowing for your copper roof to be entirely unique and different from all the others as it ages.

Copper is also an environmentally friendly material; most copper on the market is made from recycled copper and is 100 percent recyclable itself. If you’re looking to decrease your carbon footprint, Copper Roofing in Fairfield County, CT is a good way to help.

So long as you possess the money needed, copper roofing is a no-brainer. The benefits far outweigh the costs and if you can afford it, you owe it to yourself to get copper roofing. You won’t regret it. For more information on copper roofing, Click Here.

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