The Benefits Of An Attorney Service For Los Angeles Deliveries

A law firm is one of the businesses that is heavily reliant on hard copies of documentation, agreements, settlements and for court filings, record retrievals, and process serving. In the Los Angeles area, this means that a law firm may have to send documents to be hand delivered and returned to clients, businesses and other legal firms throughout Southern California as well as within the city.

Specialized attorney service departments are a part of a very few of the top courier services in the city. These are unique courier services that are dedicated to working with attorney’s offices. They understand the timelines, the confidential and sensitive aspect of the records and documents they are handling as well as the importance of delivery within a specific time.

Personalized Service

Unlike a typical courier service, the specialized messengers working with an attorney service work to the lawyer’s office schedule. This means that they can be called and scheduled to be at a specific location at a specific time to pick up the documents.

They will then deliver the documents to the specific end recipient and, if necessary, wait for the documents to be signed or processed and then bring them back. These couriers are highly experienced in navigating the difficult LA traffic and can provide accurate estimates of delivery times given the time of day and typical traffic.

Additional Services

Only a very few of the Los Angeles couriers will provide additional services to support a law office. These attorney service options can include completing court filings in each county, complete processing serving needs and even arrange for record retrieval.

Using these services will allow your office to outsource specific tasks, particularly when they are done in countries outside of Orange County. This limits, having to send your staff while still ensures a professional is handling the task on your law firm’s behalf.

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