The benefits of a smile makeover

Many people are dissatisfied with their smile, they find that their teeth are not straight enough, there may be a gap where a tooth once was or their teeth may be dull and lifeless. A New York smile makeover is a series of dental procedures designed to overcome all these problems and more. Teeth that are less than perfect can cause may people to feel embarrassed and self-conscious and are reluctant to smile or laugh without doing it behind their hand.

There are a number of procedures that are available that will change the appearance of a patients teeth and gums. The procedures that are employed depend a great deal on the dental issues of the patient and rarely are there two cases identical. In many cases, a New York smile makeover begins by straightening crooked teeth or teeth that overlap one another or moving teeth to the desired location. Many people have wide gaps between their teeth, these can have a negative impact on the person, making him or her reluctant to smile and laugh; these are issues that can be tackled as well by a cosmetic dentist. Many people have lost teeth over the years as a result of decay or trauma; these teeth can be replaced with implants that are every bit as good as natural teeth.

No matter how good a person’s dental hygiene is; teeth can discolor. Food, beverages and smoking can all lead to stains which no amount of brushing can eliminate, this is because the stain is not on the surface; it is one layer deeper in the dentin as tooth enamel is porous and transparent. There are multiple ways of attacking this problem, over the counter treatments are available but nothing beats the way the dentist does it. There are many treatments; gums can be contoured and old amalgam fillings can be replaced with natural looking white fillings.

Arranging a New York smile makeover starts when you make your first appointment with a cosmetic dentist, it is at this time that the dentist will evaluate your teeth and gums and talk to you about the available remedies and options. Don’t think the dentist makes all the decisions, when you are going to have a smile makeover, you will be very much a part of the planning. Between the dentist and you decisions are made that will result in the smile you have always wanted.

If your smile is less than what you want, you are a candidate for a smile makeover. You are invited to discuss the various options available.Visit us  for details.

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