The benefits and features of quartz countertops

The benefits and features associated with quartz countertops are a large part of their growing popularity and mainstream acceptance.

The feature that is seen as particularly beneficial by most customers is the superb looks that come with quartz countertops. The quartz countertops provide a natural luster that is very attractive in a household setting. The deep and near three-dimensional appearance makes it look like natural stone.

Quartz is also a very hard material, making it a great fit for use as a work surface. In contrast with solid surface counters, which consist of 66% of organic materials, around 33% are inorganic resins, quartz countertops are primarily made up of minerals.

Another massive benefit of quartz is that it features very few imperfections. While slab granite inevitably has imperfections due to being a natural product taken directly from the earth and then cut into sheets, quartz is man-made and thus much more predictable.

The quartz production also results in far less waste product than is the case with slab granite, making quartz countertops an excellent alternative to granite.

The fact that quartz countertops are actually engineered means that pigmentation can bring out almost color on its surface and can even incorporate other materials such as the likes of glass and stone.

For those looking for quartz countertops in Mn, there are a number of available outlets, including Granite Unlimited Inc.

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