The Basics Of Swiss Machining

Brighton_logoIf you have been talking about CNC machining in Minneapolis, Swiss machining may have been a term that you heard.  Swiss machining, also known as a Swiss-type lathe or Swiss turning, is a combination of a very old technology, the use of a lathe, with a full computer control for precision work.

The Difference

In Minneapolis Swiss machining can be used for a variety of different detailed projects and requests. This type of machine is considered optimal over a standard CNC machining system because it can create even intricate and detailed parts completely without the need for second and third passes.

A company in Minneapolis providing Swiss machining can produce parts that are amazingly detailed and complex on a single pass. Originally Swiss machining was used only for very small parts; those needed for the production of Swiss watches, so hence the name. Today most Swiss machining projects can handle bar stock up to 1.25” in diameter. They are often used for very small parts needed in manufacturing as well as electronics and medical equipment.

The major different with the Swiss machining system, and why it can create multiple effects on the bar stock is because unlike a traditional machining tool where the tool moves and the bar stock is held stationary, the exact opposite happens. The bar stock, the part, actually moves on a Z axis while the tool stays stationary.

Tight Grip

In Minneapolis Swiss machining also provides a different level of support for the part being lathed. The bushing holds the bar stock just behind the tool, meaning there is no flex or movement at all. In addition a sup spindle can come out and move into the position to hold the front part of the bar stock completely still, reducing all vibration and possible movement.

In addition to just the ability to create shapes and detail, a Minneapolis Swiss machining device also has the ability to allow the user to complete milling work as well as drilling and boring on the same equipment. This not only saves time but it also ensures the same quality and precision throughout all the design elements of the part.

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