The Basics Of A Tractor Trailer Accident In Covington

A tractor trailer accident in Covington initiates an investigation by law enforcement. All commercial trucking companies require a conclusive evaluation of the accident to establish fault and to determine whether other factors played a role. Primarily, these are based on insurance requirements. However, when a fatality occurs, the findings establish whether the death could have been avoided.

The Basics of Tractor Trailer Accidents

The state requires law enforcement to determine whether a commercial driver was compliant with driving laws when an accident occurs. According to the laws established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, commercial drivers may not exceed eleven hours on the road in any given day. All drivers are required to maintain accurate driving logs that reflect the exact amount of time in which the tractor trailer was operational each day.

These drivers are required to report to weighing stations to establish that their load does not exceed the maximum limit for their truck. A log is generated for compliance of this rule and kept within the cab of the tractor trailer. Law enforcement will review these logs whenever an accident occurs.

For insurance purposes, the driver is subjected to drug and alcohol testing following the accident. If he or she is the victim, this testing is conducted after their condition is stabilized. At any time that it is discovered that the driver was impaired, he or she may incur criminal charges and is penalized according to any previous record. In most cases, if he or she is not an independent contractor and works for a commercial trucking firm, it is likely that they are terminated upon this discovery.

When the other driver is the victim, the commercial coverage for the tractor trailer covers all associated expenses. However, drivers who are operating independently may not possess adequate insurance to provide enough coverage. Independent drives may not secure commercial coverage and instead choose basic liability insurance, which may not cover all costs fully. Any victims involved in a tractor trailer accident in Covington who does not receive compensation for their injuries or expenses should file a claim through an attorney.

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