The Basic Types Of E Juice Flavors

There are a lot of different options in e-juice, which is commonly known as nicotine juice or e-cig juice. Finding the right one can be a great experience. For many smokers turning from traditional cigarettes to vaping, the sheer options in e juice flavors can be more than a bit surprising.

With traditional cigarettes there are really two flavors, tobacco and menthol. If you are used to smoking cigarillos or little cigars then you have experienced a wider range of flavors, however the overtone is tobacco and the supporting flavors are underneath to a greater or lesser degree.

With e juice flavors you can have the pure flavor experience. This is because vaping isn’t burning and doesn’t use tobacco. Instead, the flavors are carried in the liquid. They provide a very pure taste sensation that is not at all like a flavored cigar, pipe or even cigarette smoking.

Sweet Flavors

The vast majority of e juice flavors are going to have some degree of sweet, candy or dessert type of flavor. The amount of sweet elements in the flavorings, as well as the use of naturally sweet VG or vegetable glycerin, will determine what the final vape actually tastes like.

Sweet types of vapes are perfect for any time of the day, and they are very popular as an after dinner vaping option. The candy-flavored vapes are a great option for adults. They often bring an almost nostalgic element to the vape as you try all your favorites from childhood.

Fruit and Cream Flavors

Fruit e juice flavors often include a creamy finish that is reminiscent of berries and cream, or even berries and ice cream. Of course, there are also citrus flavored vapes that pair well with a cream flavor. They can create amazing combinations such as orange creamsicle flavors, cheesecake flavors and even the wonderful flavors of tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple or papaya.

Fruit flavors also occur in blends as dessert flavors, such as apple, pumpkin or blueberry pie, and, of course, all the cream pie options.

Traditional Tobacco

Traditional types of tobacco flavors are also offered with specific lines of e-juices. These can include cigar, pipe and traditional cigarette tobacco. They also include the menthol types of smoke flavors.

Additionally, there are blends, mint options, beverage flavored juices and even nut and spice types of e juice flavors. For those getting started, sample packs can be a great way to experiment and find out just what you enjoy.

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