The Basic Methods of a Locksmith in Tulsa

If you have been locked out of your home or vehicle, you are going to need a locksmith. There are various ways a technician will get you back into your car or your home. Some methods are unique to a vehicle or a home lock; other methods are more applicable to both types of locks.

Getting into a Car

There are different ways that a locksmith in Tulsa might get into a locked vehicle. A slim jim can be used. A slim jim is a thin piece of metal with a hook. The technician will slip the slim jim between the door and the window. That can be used to unlatch the lock from inside the door. Alternately, a slim jim or wire can be slipped into the window and used to unlatch the door from inside the car. Finally, the professional might have to make an entirely new key.

Making a new key involves a company such as Tulsa Mobile Locksmith; they will make a mold of the inside of your vehicle lock. They will then reverse engineer a key to fit that lock.

Getting into a Home

There are several ways a locksmith might gain access to a locked home. They can make a new key to fit into the lock. Alternately, a technician might be able to pick the lock or the door jamb. In some cases, picking the door jamb is as simple as using a tool thin enough to slip between the door and the wall. That will allow you to open the door without a key. This is a method often used by criminals; therefore, if the technician can do this, you should inquire about securing your home better. Alternately, the professional might pick the lock using smithing tools.

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