The Art of Restoring Persian Rug In Manhattan

Do you have a Persian rug that has been damaged due to flooding, fire or just wearing out due to the age of it? Would you like to restore it to its original beauty so you can use it again in your home? These types of rugs because of their workmanship need special care during restoration. If you have one that needs repair you will need to contact a company that has employees that are highly trained in the restoration of persian rug in Manhattan for a free estimate.

The companies that do this type of work will use many different skills during the repair of your rug. One phase of this process is reweaving parts of the rug that may have holes in it. This is a tedious process that takes special care in doing it to ensure that it blends into the rest of the rug. The person that does this will use wool gathered from other rugs about the same age to ensure that they match the same in color and texture. It is not possible to get that with wool that is newer in age. Any wool used in this process will be hand spun and the dye that may be used in this process is all natural and hand prepared. This type of repair is a long process and can take months to complete.

Once the process has been completed a company similar to Business Name, will then clean the rug to remove any odors and stains to restore the whole rug to its natural beauty. They are also able to resize and rebind the carpet if needed. Before returning the rug to you, this company will then complete the restoration by pressing it with a heavy iron.

When your rug is returned to you, there will be a remarkable difference in the color and texture of it. The company that does Persian Rug in Manhattan will restore the rug to its natural vibrant colors that have faded over time. While this process takes time it will be well worth the end results. Your beautiful rug will be returned to you, looking like it did in its original state many years ago.

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