The art of planning the perfect wedding

When it comes to adhering to what can be called “suitable” wedding etiquette, planning requires adherence to a lot of “do this but don’t do that.” Wedding etiquette is something that has developed over the centuries and is wrought around decorum, tradition, kindness and respect for everyone, guests and wedding party alike. The wedding can be broken down into a number of components where the proper wedding etiquette will be greatly valued; these components include the invitations, the wedding gifts, the thank you notes and the appropriate choice of Long Island Weddings Venues and reception.

When it comes time to address the invitations, proper etiquette demands that the guests name be written in full, including the middle name. All the words should be spelled out, including all the venue details, time and date. The way the invitation is worded depends on which Long Island wedding venues were chosen; if the wedding is in a house of worship the wording is one way and if it is not, the wording will be different. If the couple wish to keep the reception for adults only, the invitation should be duly inscribed as “adults only reception.”

To make it easy for your invited guests to select a gift, a bridal registry should be started. Guests are unaware of what you own and there is always a good chance that people will by the same gift, very uncomfortable for all involved. As gifts are bought off the bride’s registry, they are removed by the store so there is no possibility of duplication.

To be in conformance with proper wedding etiquette, thank you notes are a must. Thank you notes should be sent to all those who gave a wedding or shower gift, those who arranged and hosted the shower and grooms party and those that attended the wedding. Tradition dictates that the thank you notes be hand written on quality stationery.

When selecting from the various Long Island wedding venues, picking one which is in close proximity to the bulk of the guests is nice if it is possible. The venue should be chosen with plenty of time to spare, at least two months prior to the wedding. And by all means, as much as wedding etiquette appears to be extremely formal, it is not, it just makes the event more fun for everyone when it is done right.

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