The Answer to Chipped or Cracked Teeth: Daytona Beach, FL Veneers

If you suffer from a weakened immune system, you have a heart murmur or any other heart problem, let your dentist know during your first appointment. When you have a tooth extracted or any kind of surgery in your mouth, it’s very easy for bacteria to enter your blood stream and cause problems. The dentist will take every precaution he/she can, and then more, to protect you while procedures are being completed. Many health problems stem from patients not keeping regular dental appointments and having teeth cleaned properly. They don’t realize the repercussions of putting off their dental program.

Make an appointment at Beville Dental Care and get started on your preventative dental care that includes X-ray, thorough cleaning, education on the care of your teeth, treatments and sealants to protect the enamel and prevent tooth decay. When you have cleanings done regularly, you’ll have healthy gums. If not, you can develop ‘gum disease’ or periodontal disease that is very unhealthy. The gums bleed at first and become sore and tender. If not treated your teeth can loosen. It is very simple not to go through the pain of sore gums and loose teeth, if you make plans to have preventative care and follow through at home with proper flossing and brushing.

Sometimes healthy teeth are not pretty teeth. They come in crooked, they get chipped playing football or during cheer leading practice. Sometimes teeth are even missing due to an injury sustained in an automobile wreck. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that the Daytona Beach, FL Veneers cover up imperfections on the teeth. The dentist buffs the teeth and then through a couple procedures, covers the outside enamel with a porcelain veneer that bonds over your teeth forever and actually looks like your own tooth enamel.

The Daytona Beach, FL Veneers resists staining from coffee, tea and smoking. For people with crooked, chipped teeth, or teeth discolored from medications, they’ll now have a gorgeous white smile. For those who have missing teeth, an implant may be considered to fill any gaps. Straightening teeth with the Invisalign braces has become extremely popular with patients of all ages who have longed for straight teeth. Beautiful teeth are available, but you must take the initial step by making your first appointment.

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