The Ancient Art of Tile Mosaic Has a Place in Your Modern Home

Mosaics are stunning pictures and patterns made of small bits of tile, glass, and pebbles. Archeologists thrill whenever they uncover an ancient mosaic floor, and that longevity is a testament to the durability of tile. The ancient Romans are renowned for their mosaics. But, the earliest known mosaics were found in a Mesopotamian temple from 3,000 BC.

The ancient mosaic artists used special tile cutting tools, just like artists today. Using these tools, artists can cut ad trim tile into small pieces, fitting them together to create a picture. It’s similar to fitting together the pieces of a puzzle.

Tile mosaics are not confined to floors; they can also adorn ceilings and walls. Medieval and Renaissance European churches are famous for their extremely intricate mosaics of Biblical scenes. Byzantine churches at the time also made heavy use of mosaics, as did early Islamic mosques.

Today, the art of mosaic is making a comeback, and even homeowners can create a mosaic tile floor or wall. With a few special tile cutting tools, some artistic ability, and plenty of patience, your floors and walls can be transformed into a timeless work of art.

Before you begin, draw out your design, and block it out with different tile colors to calculate what you need. You’ll also need to transfer your design to the surface you plan to tile.

A bathroom is a perfect place to try your hand at mosaics. A kitchen counter or floor can also showcase your artistic talent and unique style.

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