The Aluminum Square Bar Strength and Versatility for Your Applications

Aluminum is a highly popular and commercially available metal used in a wide variety of applications. Its use is so extensive in part because of its highly beneficial weight-to-strength ratio. A leading aluminum supply company can help you access the aluminum shapes in the grades you need for your industrial project requirements. One of these shapes is the aluminum square bar.

Aluminum itself possesses excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance characteristics. As well, it is possible to significantly increase the strength of aluminum when it is combined with other metals has an alloy.

Aluminum Square Bar Alloys
A number of different applications can benefit from characteristics found within aluminum bar alloys, including strength, weldability, machinability, and resistance to corrosion. The International Alloy Designation System names alloys through the use of a four digit number. The alloying element is specified by the first digit. For instance the 6-series alloy refers to aluminum combined with magnesium in silicon as the top alloying elements. Aluminum combined with zinc as the principal alloying element is designated by the 7-series.

Aluminum alloys available in square bar shapes include:

This alloy has a high strength-to-weight ratio and as such, is highly beneficial for use in the motor and aircraft industries. It possesses solid heat treatable and nonmagnetic characteristics.

Round bar, square bar, and other 7075 alloy shapes are used to significant degree in aerospace industry applications due to their exceptional weight-to-strength ratio characteristics.

Aluminum alloy 6063 provides an attractive and smooth finish for various types of architectural grade applications. It is lightweight and strong and possesses good anti-corrosive characteristics. The alloy can be used for custom design decorative pieces that are used in window frames, roofs, and doorframes due to its extruding, welding, and easy forming characteristics.

A wide range of applications can benefit from the use of 6061 aluminum alloy. The alloy is easy to weld, cut, and machine and is known for its corrosion resistant properties. It is also used for products that include braces, shafts, supports, trim, and frameworks.

If you need aluminum square bar in any of the above aluminum alloys, get in touch with a reliable aluminum supplier serving your area today.