The Air Conditioning Process Made Possible By AC Contractors In Mooresville, NC

Air conditioning as we know it was introduced to the world in 1902. Initially, the process was designed as a dehumidifying technique, removing moisture from warm air in an industrial atmosphere; however, the creator soon realized its potential for increasing comfort levels as well.

Modern air conditioning systems cool warm air and distribute it evenly throughout a home or business. Refrigerants are sent through a series of coils in an air conditioning unit. At the same time, the unit takes in warm air and sends it across the coils, effectively lowering the temperature of the air.

Cooled air is then sent through a series of duct work connected to the air conditioning unit. The duct work distributes cooled air through vents into each room connected to the central unit. In order to maintain consistent temperature levels, the unit must constantly circulate air. This is the purpose of the intake vents.

As cool air is sent into the home, the intake vents pull air out of the home and send it back over the refrigerant filled coils to be cooled again and sent back into the home. Through the use of a thermostat, once the air within the home reaches a predetermined temperature, the air conditioning unit automatically shuts off. When the thermostat senses air in the home has begun to exceed the preset temperature, the thermostat alerts the unit and the circulation process begins again.

In order for the air conditioning unit to perform its duties properly, it must first be correctly installed by AC Contractors in Mooresville, NC. Professional installation helps to ensure all the components within the unit are functioning adequately and the duct work is put into place with no gaps or leaks that will reduce efficiency.

Though initial installation is important, routine maintenance is equally vital to the efficiency and life span of the air conditioning unit. Filters should be cleaned or changed at least once each month, to enable air to flow adequately to and from the unit. This will also decrease the amount of allergens and air borne toxins circulating through the home.

In addition to filter cleanings and replacements, the unit should be thoroughly inspected at least once each year, preferably during off-peak seasons, by professionals such as those with Air Dynamics MS, LLC. They will ensure the components of the system are in proper working order and there are no obstructions or leaks within the duct work.

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